Old Titanic Pic


Titanic, What Happened?

The R.M.S. Titanic is one of the most infamous maritime disasters in history. It is still to this day the most deadly at sea disaster during peacetime. There are many mysteries surrounding its sinking, these may have led to its popularity.


On April 10th, 1912, over 100 years ago, the Titanic set sail from Belfast, Ireland and began its first, and final journey. It sailed for 4 days before the fatal crash. Around 11:00 pm on the 13th, lookouts spotted a large iceberg only 30 seconds away! The crew attempted to maneuver around the Iceberg. Doing so, they struck the side of the berg and opened a massive gash in the side of the ship, instantly flooding 5 compartments. The boat sank in only 2 hours. There were around 2,000 people on the ship and over 1,500 people die


Many different things accounted for the sinking of the Titanic, not enough lifeboats, Lower quality metal, lowering of the bulkheads, no binoculars, ice warnings, and more. Each individual choice by the crew and owners of the Titanic led to its demise. Still to this day, people investigate what exactly happened to the Titanic and try to uncover new lost information. New facts or theories are uncovered all the time about what happened to the ship and why it sank.

The tragedy of the Titanic is a classic story of What if’s. All of those events that led to the sinking could have been prevented. What if? There were more lifeboats, What if? The message from California reached the captain. What if? What if? What If?