Titanic: What Happend?

Whole Ship SchematicThe RMS Titanic was owned by White Star Line, which was owned by John Pierpoint Morgan. The ship was designed by Thomas Andrews, a nephew of Lord Pirrie, the owner of Harland and Wolff, the Belfast shipyard who built the Titanic. The Titanic was built with two sister ships, the Olympic and the Britanic. Of the 3 of the ships, the Titanic was the largest and the newest built. RMS stands for Royal Mail Ship, meaning the Titanic carried both mail and passengers on its course. On the night of the disaster, the iceberg that struck the Titanic was between 50-100 ft above the water, and believed to be 200-400 ft long.

The Olympic was one of the sister ships of the Titanic, along with the Britanic. The Olympic was the first built of the 3 ships, finished in 1911. The Olympic would be the largest British made ship for longer than 20 years until the RMS Queen Mary was built in 1936. All three ships were designed and built to be the largest and most luxurious ships in the world at the time, giving White Star an advantage over other cruise lines in the transatlantic passenger trade.

Cross-Section Schematic

The Britanic was the last of the 3 RMS sister ships to be built, finishing in 1915. The ship was used as a British passenger ship that was also used as a war ship in WWI. Once the Titanic sank, the building progress on the Britanic was halted and more safety features were added to ensure the same disaster would not occur. The Britanic was set up as a hospital during WWI that held nearly 3,300 beds. She sailed to pick up wounded soldiers from Gallipoli and continue care before they returned to the battlefield. She was a hospital until 1916 when it was turned back into a passenger ship and Royal Mail Ship. The Britanic was sunk due to the damage caused by a German naval mine in the Zea Channel, just off the island of Kea. The ship was struck while 1,125 passengers were aboard, but unlike the case of Titanic, nearly all were saved. The only casualties were from two lifeboats that were struck by the ship’s propellers, causing 30 deaths.

-More than half of the passengers on board could have survived if the lifeboats aboard were used efficiently.
-Milton Hershey, inventor of the famous Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar, was supposed to be on the Titanic.
-A bacteria by the name of Halomonas titanicae will eventually consume the entire Titanic from its resting place.
-Around 100,000 people came to watch the ship’s launch.
-The Chief baker, Charles Joughin, treaded water for two hours before being rescued.
-The ship burned about 825 tons of coal per day to continue moving.
-Two workers were killed during the build of the Titanic. One fell from a ladder and fractured his skull, and another was squished by timber while transporting the Titanic to the dock for launch.
-The ship took over two years to build.
-The main anchor was so large it needed 20 horses to transport it to the boat.
-The last lunch menu from the Titanic’s wreck was sold for $88,000 on Sept. 30, 2015.
-The iceberg left a 300-foot gash in the hull of the boat.
-It took over seven decades to locate the Titanic’s ruins.
-John Jacob Astor IV was the wealthiest man aboard the ship.
-The iceberg was spotted at 11:30pm, April 14th, later striking the ship at 11:40, causing its eventual destruction.
-Using only the revenue from the “Titanic” film by James Cameron, 11 Titanic ships could be built today.