The Story of the Titanic

To start off, the Titanic was a ship that, unfortunately, sank at sea on April 15, 1912. The Titanic was one of the biggest ships of its time and was even seen as “unsinkable”. There were many aspects that could have avoided the tragedy, this includes the design of the ship, what happened during the construction process, and just human interactions and mistakes that the crew and builders made.

Titanic Picture 1There have been many conspiracy theories about how the Titanic sank and the conditions it went through. Some of them were about whether while others were about the construction of the ship. But the most important one was the missing transmission. The radio worker was in a rush to get his job done to get paid when he got a message from the Californian. They said that there were icebergs in the area and that they should watch out. The radio worker noted this and kept working. Eventually, the radio worker handed it off to someone to give to the captain, but the captain never received it. Many people have written conspiracy theories on what might have happened to the transmission. Some say that the radio worker never wrote it down and was too busy with work to care, others say that the radio worker lost the message. The conspiracy theories can differentiate from each other in different aspects but still relate to the same story.

Something else was that the Titanic wasn’t the only one of its kind, It had two sister ships called the Olympic and the Britannic. The Olympic was the first and departed before the Titanic. The Olympic ship then was damaged from a collision with a German boat. This ultimately delayed the Titanic’s departure by about a month. One of the theories about the Titanic’s tragedy was that if the Olympic never hit that German military boat, then the Titanic never would have been hit by the iceberg.

Weather played a very important role in the sinking of the Titanic. The weather was very calm, not a wave in sight, which was a very bad thing. The way that the lookouts looked for the iceberg was to look for the wave that hit the iceberg since it was too dark to see the iceberg itself. Without the waves, it also created a mirage effect, which means you see something that isn’t actually there or can’t see something that is actually there. This was also one of the main reasons the Titanic sank.

Titanic Picture 2

The Titanic was known for various things, one of those being the captain of the ship. The one that was captain of the ship was none other than Captain Smith. Captain Smith was a very popular captain back in the 1900s, he was known as the Millionaires Captain and was very experienced. Because of his experience, everyone on the ship felt safe and at ease. But soon this ease would be gone.

The Titanic sank only 4 days after its departure and fell all the way to the bottom of the ocean only 2 hours after hitting the iceberg. There were 2,240 people on the Titanic but unfortunately, only 710 passengers survived.

Now, the question isn't, “How did the Titanic sink?” it’s, “Why did the Titanic sink?”. There were, and still are, many unknown facts about the Titanic that are still being searched for to this day. There were also a lot of different variables that could have changed the outcome of the Titanic. The difference could be, not forgetting your glasses or bringing a pair of binoculars. These variables could even go as far as the construction of the Titanic, with the metal they used or the bolts they used to hold the metal together. Though there are many more variables than you think there are.