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Titanic "Why Did it Happen?"

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What made the story of Titanic so famous and still today captures the public's imagination. At the time, it was one of the largest and most opulent ships in the world. It was also considered unsinkable due to a series of compartment doors that could be closed and if as many as 4 were breached she would still float.

The Titanic sank in 1912 and in the Atlantic ocean. It sank because of decisions made during the building, design and at sea. As soon as the ship was out to launch from the dock the captain told one of his crew mates to get off. And that crew mate has the key to the locker that had the binoculars in it. So crew mates were left with just there's eyes. Also, the designers of the boat took lifeboats off so that the people on the boat could see off the front so they went from 48 to 16 lifeboats. The titanic had a device that could contact help 400 miles away and out of 5 warnings he got 2. Also the operator that controlled the messages between ships told the Californian to shut up and go to bed and so they did and when the titanic needed help the Californian was asleep and didn't get any messages. According to trials the captain was drunk when they hit the iceberg and that he was going to fast for icey areas.

Unfortunately, Close to 1,500 people ended up dying and that's mostly because the ship sank in nearly 2 hours! And right about 710 people survived the crash. The titanic was supposed to be unsinkable and so when the crash first happened no one was overly concerned because everyone thought it would still float.

Some theories about the titanic sinking are that out of 5 warnings he gets 2. They ordered number 3 rivet instead of number 4 and that's the reason they sank so fast. They could have saved more people if they didn't say women and children only. In trial they say he was going too fast, and trial says that the captain was drunk. This was very much avoidable because there were decisions made that were the wrong decisions and one of the biggest mistakes was going fast. If they went slower there could have been a chance that they either missed the iceberg or they would have ripped a smaller hole because they were going slower.

The weather was also very dangerous because it was a cold night with the water calm so the look outs at the front couldn't see if there was an iceberg because there was no water splashing on the iceberg. Also, The Titanic was on a moonless night which means they saw the iceberg when they were about 45 seconds away from it.