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Titanic: "Why did it happen?"

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The infamous Titanic disaster is popularly known for the confusion surrounding it as well as the top grossing movie “Titanic”. The ship, RMS Titanic, departed from Southampton on April 10th, 1912, aiming to reach New York on April 17th. Through 32 degree waters with a notably cloudless and moonless sky. Titanic sailed through the calm North Atlantic ocean until the ship found itself about 900 feet from an almost 1.5 ton iceberg.

The captain of the ship, Edward Smith, was a well known and experienced captain who sailed for White Star Lines. He also captained one of Titanic's sister ships, the Olympic. After Titanic’s fateful voyage, he had planned to retire. As he was the captain of the ship, it assured passengers that they were in good hands. As the ship approached the iceberg, Smith captained to attempt and swerve the ship away from the iceberg. This attempt failed and resulted in a large gash on the side of the ship.

Sunken Titanic

On April 15, 1912 the “unsinkable” ship sank in the north atlantic 2 hours and 40 minutes after being sliced open by the iceberg. Many passengers drowned or froze in the 28 degree water. Others escaped the disaster successfully by boarding one of the ship's 16 launched lifeboats, which did not account for every passenger. The sinking, in total, killed about 1500 of the 2,400 of the passengers.

Currently, there are many theories surrounding the sinking of Titanic, including one theory stating that the coal fire made the side of Titanic weaker, or another stating that if the bulkheads were taller, the ship could have taken on more water, and taken longer to sink, allowing more lives to be saved. It is also questioned whether the accident was avoidable, which brings many factors into play, for example, if there had been accessible binoculars aboard, would they have seen the iceberg in time to avoid it entirely?