What Happened to the RMS Titanic?

Titanic After Sink

The Titanic was one of the biggest and most famous ships of its time and was considered unsinkable but it soon sank on April 14th, 1912.

The Titanic was a luxury ocean liner steamship constructed in 1909 and launched on March 31, 1911. The Titanic was 883 feet long and 175 feet high, the iceberg was 400 feet long, and 100 feet above the water.

 SS Californian

The sink happened on April 14, 1912, at midnight and took 2 hours to sink. 1,517 passengers and crew died on the Titanic and 710 passengers and crew survived. The ship was sailing on a trans-Atlantic journey and was captained by Edward Smith, who many saw as a great captain. The iceberg that sank the TItanic appeared in the Atlantic Sea due to unusual Gulf Stream currents, which caused many icebergs to drift further south than normal.

Many believe different things as to why the Titanic sank, the missing binoculars, the weak rivets, the mirage as a result of the weather conditions(while calm), the failure of the warning messages to the Titanic, and many other things.

Lookouts were on deck, but they couldn’t see the iceberg due to a mirage. Messages were sent to the Titanic by a ship called the Californian, but the operator ignored them, leading to confusion about the icebergs. A crewmate transferred to the Olympic left his binoculars locked in his locker, leaving them impossible to access. The iron rivets in place of the steel ones making the sides of the ships weaker. The tragedy of the Titanic was how many people died, and how preventable it could've been.