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Foundations Of Web Development

As a junior in high school, I was assigned a small country in central America as a research project. That country was the newly independent: Belize, formerly British Honduras. It's an English speaking country in the Yucatan with the world's second longest barrier reef, a lush tropical rainforest and amazing Myan ruins. Having done my research (mostly using National Geographic magazines in a real school library), I fell in love with the country. Years later and long before it became a Caribbean destination, I went there for my first international travel. It was everything I learned about and more.

I strive to pass that passion for travel and appreciation for our world to my students. As such, I ask them to research a place or topic that I hope will inspire them. All did their own research and wrote their own content.

Additionally, all developed their own website to highlight their location. I'm very proud of the work my students have done and hope they too are developing a love and appreciation of our planet Earth.

One of the keys to good web development is a website that works as well on a mobile device as it does on a desktop. We call that "responsive" design. As you look at and enjoy the student sites, be sure to look at them both on a PC and a mobile phone to fully appreciate the work it took to design and build these sites.

Mr. Black

Showcase of Sites

Student Sites