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Bucket List

As a junior in high school, I was assigned a small country in central America as a research project. That country was the newly independent: Belize, formerly British Honduras. It's an English speaking country in the Yucatan with the world's second longest barrier reef, a lush tropical rainforest and amazing Myan ruins. Having done my research (mostly using National Geographic magazines in a real school library), I fell in love with the country. Years later and long before it became a Caribbean destination, I went there for my first international travel. It was everything I learned about and more.

I strive to pass that passion for travel and appreciation for our world to my students. As such, I have them to research a place they'd like to visit some day. Some students choose family heritage locations, others I have to suggest places to visit. All did their own research and wrote their own content.

Additionally, all developed their own website to highlight their location. Please take a minute and go through the sites while looking for specific elements the students were assigned to include: embedded weather and Google maps, automated picture slider and a gallery page. I'm very proud of the work my students have done and hope they too are developing a love and appreciation of our planet Earth.

One of the keys to good web development is a website that works as well on a mobile device as it does on a desktop. We call that "responsive" design. As you look at and enjoy the student sites, be sure to look at them both on a PC and a mobile phone to fully appreciate the work it took to design and build these sites.

Mr. Black

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