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Abkhazia is a small place located between Russia and Georgia, on the coast of the black sea. Abkhazia has a rather strange definition, as it is a state but also is not. Most recognize Abkhazia as a self declared state or a republic of Georgia, but they had declared their independence in 1999. Although, only a few countries actually recognize it as a country, Russia being one of those places. The area itself is around 8665 km. The capital is Sukhumi, which is the largest city in Abkhazia.

Abkhazia is a rather obscure and unheard of place. It has gone through many battles and extreme circumstances which cause it to be a lesser known place for tourism. But, conflicts there are mostly resolved and the country itself is beautiful. Its most notable feature is its nature and geography. The beautiful scenery is accented by abandoned, explorable, buildings left behind to decay into the wildlife.

 Abkhazia coast and mountain

Weather and Climate

Overall, there is nice weather in Abkhazia. It is mostly a warm sea climate in the lower zones in and around the coast. The mountains and higher zones have a temperate land climate. The lower zones, where most attractions are located, average 10-12 degrees celsius in winter and 24-30 degrees celsius in summer. There is some rainfall, which is well known to accentuate the mountain's beauty.


The population of Abkhazia is rather small. It is estimated to be around 245,000 total. Much of Abkhazia is open land and natural, but it's more populated cities also hold much beauty.The languages spoken in Abkhazia are Abkhaz, Georgerian, and Russian.



Transportation within Abkhazia is surprisingly accessible and cheap. The railroads themselves are an attraction as they sprawl through beautiful and hidden places.

Although, transportation into Abkhazia is strangely complex. Getting the visa itself to enter is quick and cheap. For a single entrance and exit visa, lasting 30 days, is only 20 usd. It is known that entrance into Abkhazia is strange, as there is no direct airport directly into it. To enter you must fly into a Russian or Georgian airport and take a bus, train, or other means of transportation into Abkhazia. Previously, it was illegal to enter Abkhazia through Georgia due to tensions, but as of recent times, there has been leniency applied to these restrictions.