All About Colombia


Colombia is located in the northwestern corner of South America. It is a Spanish-speaking country with that as its official language. In fact, the Spanish spoken in Colombia carries a relative purity and was preserved to stay the most similar to Castilian Spanish – the original form of Spanish. The capital of Colombia is Bogotá; it is located on a plateau in the Andes Mountains.


Colombia scenery

Colombia’s geography is very diverse and consists of savannas, forests, and mountain ranges. In fact, the well-known Andes Mountains take a major part of the geography of Colombia and are home to much of the population. The climate is primarily tropical and isothermal, due to the fact that Colombia is extremely close to the equator. Seasons do not change significantly, as well the temperatures are mostly the same throughout the year.

Colombia carries a population of almost 60 million people. Its population is mostly centralized within the mountains in its interior and is composed of mostly Mestizo people, which is a combination of European and Indigenous descent. There is also a large amount of African and European minorities. As well, immigration is not encouraged. Colombia is actually the most populated country within South America, other than Brazil.

Historical Significance

Pablo Escobar

Colombia is often referenced as the most Roman Catholic country in South America, though there are still other smaller religions that are practiced. Roman Catholicism has the most significant influence on the Colombian government and ways of life.

Colombia has had a big past to do with political instability, which has been tied to unequal distribution of wealth. Colombia has also had a fairly notable past with the drug trade. Though much of the drug trade has been calmed due to the death of the most predominant cartel leader, Pablo Escobar, it still continues to be a nuisance in most Colombian life.

Structure and Culture

Colombian women in coloful dresses

The class structure in Colombia was established on wealth, occupation, and ethnicity. The poorer population belongs to the lower class; the population that is not wealthy, but has professions belong to the middle class; the wealthy population belongs to the upper class. Most of Colombia’s inhabitants are between the lower class and middle class, called the marginal class.

Colombia’s culture is pretty diverse. Music is the most significant part of Colombian culture, as many Colombians love to dance, sing, and play instruments; it is the most widely used form of expression. In fact, the world-renown pop singer Shakira is from Colombia. The most enjoyed sport in Colombia is soccer, and activities such as gambling and bullfights are popular.