Costa Rica translates to “Rich Coast,” an apt identity for a united states of america surrounded by using oceans. On the Pacific side, offshore islands are described via their underwater pinnacles supplying shark and manta ray encounters.

The Pacific shoreline is additionally regarded for sea life. From humpback whales to manta rays, this coast is appropriate to all diving levels. The southern place of the u . s . is a blanketed organic reserve.

The underwater panorama is made up of boulders and rocks. The blanketed nature of the reefs make this place outstanding for beginners.

When Diving in costa rica

Visitors can count on one to two hours of rainfall in the mid-afternoon for the duration of May-November. The wet season is the excellent time to go if you’re an superior diver who likes a lot of action. During these months, rain attracts Bull Sharks to the “Bat” Islands and Hammerhead Sharks to “Cocos” Island.


August-December is when you’ll locate little wind and calm seas. Most of the fish located at some point of the wet season go away Costa Rica’s coast and are changed with the aid of a range of fish and macro species. It is additionally the nice time to dive in Costa Rica for amateur divers who pick easy, colourful diving.

During these months, divers will advantage from calmer seas and visibility attaining a hundred feet.