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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most famous international locations to visit. People go to Costa Rica for its exquisite seashores and water. It's a small united states that solely covers .03% of the world! It is a Magnet for organizations and attracts human beings from absolutely exclusive backgrounds and cultures. Costa Rica provides excellent funding residences and approves companies to make bigger into its country.


Costa Rica in 2012 was once the happiest united states of america in the world. The Reason why they are is due to the fact their authorities invests cash into their army, education, healthcare, and pensions. Since then it has dropped in the rating however is nevertheless one of the happiest international locations in the world.

It is also a phase of the pacific ring hearth circle and has over 200 volcanoes! Although one hundred of them exhibit little undertaking solely 5 of them are labeled as active.


Costa Rica is also an attractive country for investment and offers nice potential for the institution of necessary transnational firms, because of the outstanding tutorial level of its population.