Rain Forest

Costa Rica is found in Central America between Panama and the Republic of Nicaragua. It’s location provides a number of the best rainforests in the world. Although Costa Rica is kind of a little country, you'll notice an enormous style of natural destinations right next to each other. In fact, in some time in the future you could possibly visit a beach, waterfall, nature reserve, cloud forest, life refuge, volcano, and tropical rainforest! What makes Costa Rica though, is it's variety of tropical rainforests that structure a majority of the country.

Rainforests area unit tropical forests that receive an oversized quantity of rain. There are thirteen completely different sorts of rainforests within the world and every area creates a different life and climates. The tall trees produce a cover, where you'll notice several animals, insects and bird species living happily. A number of the animals found in rainforests of Costa Rica are sloths, howler monkeys, white-faced capuchin monkeys, scarlet macaws and poison dart frogs.

Rainforests are important to Costa Rica because they provide national parks, protected areas,and life refuges. They're the explanation why you’ll notice an enormous style of life and hiking trails. Rainforests are available in several shapes and sizes. Because of Costa Rica’s system you’ll notice half a dozen sorts of forests throughout the country.