Blue Lagoon

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Blue Lagoon, located in Norðurljósavegur, Iceland is a geothermal pool spa and hotel. It contains 6 million liters of water that is 100 degrees fahrenheit. This water comes from the Svartsengi Geothermal Power Plant, which is powered by water that is drawn from thousands of feet underground. spa In this water there is sulfur and silica which give it its blue color. There is also algae. This combination of these minerals and Algae that is not found anywhere else in the world is great for your skin and people come from around the world to go to this pool.

On the Site there are two hotels and three restaurants. The Silica hotel is a modern and simple hotel with the blue water bordering the balconies and mountains in the distance. The Retreat hotel is a hotel with a variety of things including a private lagoon, private spa, massages and many private bathing areas and views. Also there are many tours that you can purchase. Atv tours, landscape tours in luxury vehicles, super jeep and even seeing the northern lights and geysers.