What Is NASA?

Nasa Stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The organization was started on october 1st 1958. NASA is a part of the governmental foundation of the United States. Nasa is in charge of the U.S science and technology that has to do with airplanes and space.

Nasa makes a lot of different things that deal with aerodynamic mechanisms. One of the main things that nasa is known for is the satellites that nasa pushes out to the rings of the earth. What these satellites do for the world is gather more information on either the planet or other neighboring planets. The best satellite that nasa has made can see millions of miles away and has some of the most clear and precise images that is known to man. NASA is not only dealing with only space, but they also make life on earth easier and they change the quality of life for many of those who are on earth. One main change to the earth that nasa is responsible is GPS services, the satellites that are above the earth pinpoint the location of many devices and are precise on the accuracy of the reports, not only does this pinpoint the location of a device but it can also be used for directions, security, police chases. Headquarters

Nasa has their headquarters in Washington D.C there are 10 Nasa Centers across the United States. Not only are there 10 Nasa Centers but there are also seven smaller nasa workplaces, in these smaller locations they test and study earth and space. One of the main centers is going to be in merrit island Florida near daytona.

Some people believe that NASA is only made up of Astronauts and that is the main job that someone who works at nasa can receive, this is just entirely false, astronauts only make up a tiny fraction of the jobs that nasa provides. The most provided job by nasa is Scientists ore engineers. For every astronaut that goes to space there is a whole team of engineers and scientists behind him who helped him get to where he is.

Accomplishments of nasa are a massive list of accomplishments, they have done alot over their very short life span. One of the main things that nasa is known for is putting a human on the moon. Putting someone on a whole another entity that does not hold anyone who needs oxygen is a massive achievement for not only NASA but the whole world. NASA does not only just deal with space, but also anything with flight on the earth, they have been working hard to make air travel safe and quicker than what it is at currently. The main goal of the the air travel is to make it cheaper for the public. A way that commerical travel is being changed is by the matierials that nasa is using to make travel cheap and available for everyone.

Currently there has been a total of one hundred and thirty five missions to the brink of the earth, On these missions there has been a total of 355 humans off of the planet. That is nearly 6 people per year that have been sent into space. rocket

The total life span of nasa is just passed 60 years in total nasa has been thriving off of governmental support for 63 years, the usage of nasa for the planet is crucial as mars could be the backup plan on our current planet earth.