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Rome is a beautiful city in Italy, which is also the capital that overtook the old capital, when Italy recaptured Rome, of Florence in 1870, and is Italy's most populated city. The capital is also famous because it has been a city from ancient times. It has a history that goes back for a millennia. This history started in the Roman Empire, back in 27 BC when the empire began. After the Empire was split into two ,the Western and Eastern Empires in 285 CE the Catholic church had a huge influence over Western Rome because they didn’t have a government after the split,while the Eastern Empire(Byzantine Empire) was very strong. This happened during the period known as the Renaissance, which is a period in which artists arose in the 15th century. The Roman Renaissance was a time when famous artists arose in Rome to change the way people viewed art, literature, and architecture. These artists made some of the most famous and beautiful works in Rome including buildings, paintings, sculptures, and more.

The Age Of Discovery

After the Renaissance came the age of discovery, after the Byzantine Empire fell , in the 15th century when foreign people spread humanism. Humanism is an idea where people are the most important thing in the world. The Age of discovery period lasted till about the 18th century leading to another period known as Reunification. In the 18th century Italy had lost its freedom and had to regain it. Rome became the capital of Italy in 1870 Italy when Italy's troops recaptured it during the Franco-Prussian war, the war in which italy regained their independence. This then led Rome into the twentieth century, right before WWI when Italy was allied with Germany. Then WWII and finally leads Rome into modern times . Map

Rome has an interesting history which we have been uncovering to this day. An example of this is that the original city of Rome is 90% underground, whilst 10% has been excavated (now above ground). Rome was also home to the first ever shopping mall that was created between 107-110 AD. Rome is also home to beautiful landmarks such as; the Colosseum, the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Pantheon , and the Trevi Fountain. These landmarks were made in Rome hundreds of years ago ,the city of Rome is a beautiful place and a city in Italy. Rome is a wonderful place to visit for multiple reasons such as its beautiful landscape. Rome has more than two and a half million occupants to this day. Rome is a place you should go to if you travel the world or have a chance to go. Today Rome is the third most visited city in Europe, and is also known as the “eternal city” because of its history and how long it has been standing. Rome is a place filled with history and unbelievable sights that people should put on their bucket list.