Greece and Turkey Overview

Ancient Greece and Turkey provide some of the oldest civilizations known to date, with highly advanced societies, methods of warfare, governments, and more, these civilizations ruled the ancient world. Ancient Greece was far ahead of its time, and though most of its history was driven by stories of battle and war, the Greeks also had a considerably modern take on a class-based society. The nation of Sparta was simplistic and driven by warfare, and young boys were taken to train and join the military at only the age of 7. turkey and greece flagsIn Athens, Athenians ran a very complex and strong political system, building the groundwork of what we call democracy today. Athenians elected representatives and ran a government that was largely based on the people, rather than a king.

Greece in the ancient world possessed astronomical strength, defeating the Persians 3 separate times, before conquering the Persian Empire around 330 B.C. Though they were enemies, Sparta and Athens joined forces to fight off outside threats on multiple occasions, the Greco-Persian wars serving only as a few examples.

We know so much about Greece today as much of their history remains still standing. Hundreds of temples, structures, and historical sites still scatter the lands of modern day Greece and its islands in the Aegean sea.

The same is true for Turkey, ruled by Indo-European tribes, the Persians, and the Ottomans. turkey greece mapThe Ottomans most recently ruled Turkey, but were destroyed in World War 1 by the British and French as a result of the black gold that lay beneath the sands. Oil. Though Turkey currently relies on oil, ancient civilizations used Turkey as the center of a trade network throughout the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, and its vital location connecting Eastern Europe to Africa and Asia made it necessary for early travel.

Though it’s history ranges back thousands of years, the country was only officially made in 1923, after the fall of the outdated Ottoman Empire. Turkey is now a politically stable and ethnically diverse country that is great for traveling and soaking up the history of Anatolia. The range of history is fascinating, extending back thousands of years while also remaining prevalent even in World War 1, so it's perfect for history buffs of all niches and preferences.