Ukraine Skyline
Map of Ukraine


Ukraine is a country rich in heritage and today torn in strife. It is situated in Eastern Europe and is the second biggest country behind Russia. Ukraine is a beautiful country to visit with many unique places to see.

Ancient Heritage

In the third century AD, the Goths arrived in the lands of Ukraine around 250–375 AD, which they known as Oium, corresponding to the archeological Chernyakhov culture. At the give up of the seventh century, most Bulgar tribes migrated under a number of instructions and the stays of their country were absorbed via the Khazars, semi-nomadic humans from Central Asia. In the fifth and sixth centuries, the Antes Union used to be placed in the territory of what is now Ukraine. The Antes had been the ancestors of Ukrainians: White Croats, Severians, Poland, Drevlyans, Dulebes, Ulichians, and Tiverians. Most of Ukraine fell to the Russian Empire under the reign of Catherine the Great; in 1793 right-bank Ukraine used to be annexed with the aid of Russia in the Second Partition of Poland. Ukraine, which blanketed Crimea, the Kuban, and parts of Don Cossack lands with massive Ukrainian populations (along with ethnic Russians, and Jews), tried to destroy it free from Russia after the February 1917 revolution in St. Petersburg.

Ukraine Independence

Historian Paul Kubicek states, "The Ukrainian War of Independence of 1917 to 1921 produced the Free Territory of Ukraine, Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (in 1919 merged from the Ukrainian People's Republic and West Ukrainian People's Republic) which which was annexedinto the Soviet Union. The Second World War started out in September 1939, when Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland. At the end of the war, the Soviet Union occupied most of Western Ukraine. After World War II some amendments to the Constitution of the Ukrainian SSR had been accepted, which allowed it to act as a separate concern of global regulation in some instances and to a positive extent, ultimately a section of the Soviet Union at the same time.

War with Russia

Why Russia Wants Ukraine

Russia says that they have designs on gas pipelines and they also think that Ukraine is a mini Russia so Russia thinks they should just control it. Russia also believes that they have inextricably linked history. They think just because Ukrainians still speak Russian they should control it. Russia fears that if they don't get Ukraine then they will not have an Eurasian Union.

What Putin Wants

Putin wants NATO to remove its forces and military from member states that joined the alliance from 1997. Putin says “I want to take over Europe in his view of the world". Putin thinks that Ukraine was created by communist and is now a puppet state. Putin is trying to bring back what the Soviet Union had because it collapsed in December of 1991. Putin says that the NATO has robbed Russia of its rightful place among the world's greatest powers and placed Russia at it's mercy.